This is written to memorize the discord channel Twitter 2.

Some Random Ranting

Not for everyone, but people recently are getting increasingly prone to anger, and cancel culture and exclusionism are prevailing. The world is going into pieces.

Yet the Internet itself is just a system which was invented decades ago for connecting computers. It’s always the human that is the problem. Originally to obtain social interaction, a person must blend into a group that they share little similarity with. This is getting less and less true with the introduction of social media, where people can find those who share great interests with them, share the same political stance with them, and share the same worldview with them. The same applies to receiving information, people now can easily find news that they love to see, views that they are supporting, or videos that they enjoy watching. “Why bother to watch things that I dislike? Why bother to talk to people that I dislike?” And they push themselves into a comfort zone, surrounded by only things they like. I’m doing it, for sure, and many people are doing it.

Also, tech companies behind social media are pushing this further in the name of “personalization”, because they know that this is the best way to make people stick with them, hence the best way to make money. As a result of this push from both sides, a person is more likely to only get to know a group of people like them, watch news that only say things they want to hear. Everyone lives in their own tiny world now.

Ridiculous it is, that the Internet was designed to connect people, but now it is segregating people.

Let me now imagine an extreme scenario, where Ant runs into Bat on the Internet. The problem is that Ant likes a film called Eekum, but Bat doesn’t, and thinks another film called Bokum is better. Tech companies are good at separating people due to their tastes, but they are not perfect, so understandable. It’s not like Ant doesn’t try to get along, Ant tries, to tell Bat how good Eekum is, and Bat does the same: tell Ant why Bokum is better. After some futile attempts, Ant can’t make Bat agree what Ant thinks. Because Ant hasn’t have a friend that loves Bokum, Ant thinks “maybe I just cannot get along with this type of people”, and by “this type of people” Ant means people who like Bokum. So, Ant just gives up. Later, Ant runs into Cat who also like Bokum as well, instead of talking with Cat, Ant thinks — “I can’t get along with someone like Bat”, so Ant walks away and never talked.

And sometimes I feel like I’m Ant, constantly under the influence of bias. Bias is the assumption of something we don’t know. We may assume the best or the worst of someone before even getting to know them. I understand that bias naturally happens, but oftentimes still falls into its hands, and make judgment based on bias. Why bother to learn more about someone I may hate, if I have plenty of people that I know I’m more probably to love? In such a way, people divide themselves into smaller and smaller groups. The segregation, in return, may fuel the bias, and mob mentality, to make people offensive against disagreements, in desperate attempt to defend their belief.

The Inception of Internet 2

Above is just my personal view, and Nyarla also feels tired of wars in the Internet. He comes up with the idea of Internet 2 in the book with the same title in 2019. In Internet 2, Nyarla imagines the outrage in Internet being overwhelmed by kindness, sympathy, and harmony.

優しさがインターネットを支配する時代となる。 It will become the era when kindness dominates the Internet.

NyarlaInternet 2

I use the word “harmony” because the whole idea of Internet 2 reminds me of the book Harmony by Project Itoh. Harmony portraits a dystopian world where everyone’s body is deemed the possession of humanity, and people’s minds are monitored to prevent any damage done to anyone including themselves. There is no dictator, but the collective mind is dictating everything.

Internet 2 might be something similar: everyone is forced by everyone to be kind, although “that kindness may not correspond to kindness in real life”. But in return, in Internet 2 there is no dissonance. People are happy.

But when it comes to Twitter2, things are a bit more complicated.

Twilight of Twitter 2

In Jan. 2021 Nyarla set up the Twitter2 discord server, dubbed “a truly happy SNS where everybody does not talk about politics or society, but watch anime and play games all day”.

In the short manga that introduces Twitter2, people are depicted as brains in jars, and Nyarla, depicted as a little girl, is taking care of them.

In the post Nyarla wrote that Twitter2 started from a joke. And he created it partly because someone asked him to do it and he’s interested in running Discord server, partly because “it’s interesting to make such a dystopian-like [Discord] server and have a community of otakus”.

Therefore, although Twitter2 shared some dystopian (or utopian, YMMV) nature with Internet 2, it was nowhere as extensive as the Internet 2, and was just a discord server of otakus. From a larger perspective, Twitter2 is the reflection of the Internet instead of Internet2, where people are in a smaller circle.

Nyarla’s note told a little about what’s in Twitter2, so I think I may also write something different.


Aside from hobby channels, like anime, game, manga, movie, books, etc., there are also channels that people share pics of animals, landscape, food, and talks about life, religion or private things.

Religion was one of the recently established channels. It probably spun from a discussion about whether God exists. I didn’t look into the channel very much, but it is interesting to see people talk about belief in a more open and objective way.

Liminal space is another one of the new channels. Pictures of empty space were posted there. Nyalra sometimes would repost liminal photos from twitter. He still does this sometimes. I also took a photo or two to post there but couldn’t find a good shot here where I live. Some photos there are interesting. Empty hallway, or even an empty room (not so liminal by definition, which confuses me a little), but I enjoy all the pictures there.

Some channels I visited most:

General: of course, most talk happens there.

Monologue (ひとり言): sometimes I’d like to write my thoughts there. There’s another channel called the wall (かべ) where harsher monologues were written. I couldn’t distinguish the difference until I learned about the phrase hitting wall (壁打ち), one of its meanings is to let things out alone.

Poison radio (毒電波): People were writing random things there. Most of them sounded crazy, which made me a little nervous and anxious. And that made me feel interested. The one I can remember most clearly is “the earth is targeted” (地球は、狙われている from Ultraman), because there was a person (nicknamed erson, with an icon P, if I got it right) posting it almost everyday. There’s a saying that if someone keeps repeating something it will be hard for you to get it out of your head. Here it proves itself again. “Poison radio” came from Leaf’s first visual novel Shizuku (1996). I took the English translation from the song INTERNET OVERDOSE, whose lyrics was by Nyalra.

Books (本): As I read books (lightnovels) much more than watching anime or comics. Sometimes a message popped up with a photo of newly bought books, or about a book recently read. There, I came to know Kazuki Sakuraba’s other works, and before then I only read GOSICK by the author. One of them being A Lollypop or a Bullet. It’s a story about a girl that grows up, with a girl that doesn’t have the chance to grow up. I also learned about Nobel Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro’s new book, Clara and the Sun, although I hadn’t read it until the server shut down.

The Sudden Sunset

Around the end of 2021, griefers appeared in the discord. Though I started writing it during Nov 2021, it is now May 2022, and I couldn’t remember things clearly, so I’ll try my best.

First there were spamming discord invites. Come join us to spam other servers, it said.

And another time, all channels were spammed with defecating GIFs. Because discord plays the GIF by default people are forced to see it. The server is down for a while, and it came back with bot administration to counter spams.

And finally, the server just disappeared. I didn’t know what happened until a friend told me attackers got it down.

From Nyarla’s post, the attackers used the below method to get the server banned:

  1. Use anonymous accounts to spam access tokens in the server
  2. Report it to Discord
  3. Discord bans the server due to TOS violation

From a third person’s perspective, I’d say it is an incredibly elegant method, which achieves the most destruction with the least effort.[1] And Discord’s lack of scrutiny before banning users and servers make this attack possible.

As a member, I wanted to say something, but surprisingly found myself at a loss for words. And at this time, 3 months after Nyarla set up a new server, and half a year after Twitter2’s disappearance, there’s nothing I can say about it any more. Some time it went just like that: people find themselves attention via the social network, but at the end, they don’t really need it.

And with that it concludes Twitter2’s short life.


  1. I thought this kind of method is more often done in China, where ill-minded people utilize other’s careless words to get them banned, especially if they something remotely bad about the government. ↩︎

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Memory Order

in writing


Memory order是什么?哎呀怎么这个都不懂。Memory order不是很简单嘛!Memory是记忆,order是顺序。理所当然,memory order是记忆的顺序!当然,我记性不是很好,经常记不清顺序——卡特列夫库——是什么的库?






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in writing




为了克服羞耻心理,也增加可搜索性,我会尽可能地至少用全名称呼一次作品或者其他事物而不是全部用简称或者诨名。但是详细介绍这些东西的责任还是交给百科了。物语系列的羽川翼说,我只知道我知道的东西。这次就让我来借用一下这个重言式。(重言式应该是 tautology 的翻译, tautology 除了有真理之意,也有废话的内蕴。这就所谓真理都是废话。道可道,非常道。)



故事大概要从我小学时候说起。我爸给我买了一个黑色的 PSP3000。虽然玩零式的时候我确实有点怀疑这是不是2000了,但是看了一下对比图的的确确是 3000。那时候国内也不知道有没有正版小碟子买,就靠破解来装一些盗版:拿来的时候是显示一堆机器人——那时候我不知道变形金刚和高达有什么区别——的图片,然后最后一张是那个攻壳机动队的的笑脸男。后来换了一套,就变成鸡蛋图了。

小学到初中一二年级的时候我手上最好玩的东西大概就是这个 PSP 了吧。那时候我玩的最初的几个游戏里,有点印象的大概是歌姬计划 extend 。是 ex 而不是 歌姬计划 2nd 的原因,为我是按时间从后往前看的。就算我看不懂 MISS x TAKE 或者 CHEAP,听不懂初音或者镜音或者谁谁谁讲的什么日语,看着他们垂头丧气,也能知道那不是你打的很好的意思。比如第一首猫耳开关,我就是打了很多遍才终于过关的。不过我并没打完 —— 普通难度全过关,看到制作组名单还是非常非常后来,几年以后的事情了。


那时候我也经常逛贴吧,初音后面跟两个不认识的字的吧、和友少吧我是常客。不发言的那种。所以周刊什么的也时不时会看看。这个吧把初音未来吧吞并,匹诺曹P 被称为汪峰P,等等,都是之后才听说的事情了。

另外一个让我印象深刻的游戏是秋之回忆 6(或者不意译,直接叫 Memories Off 6,简称 MO6)。那时我还非常纯情,打完远藤莉莉丝线之后,就怎么也不想打箱崎智纱线了。Bad end 也不敢打。唯一另外通关的一条线是学姐线,不过那也是很久之后的事了。MO6 除了是我打的第一个 galgame 以外,一个让我印象深刻的地方,就是番外小故事没有翻译,成了我学日语的契机。不过多年以后回来看,才发现全都是乱码,我还是看不懂。

不知放这里是否合适,小学的我还受一位好朋友影响,玩起了口袋妖怪(现在有正式译名了),绿宝石。那位朋友选的蜥蜴,我选的火鸡。他还给了我很多指导,不然我肯定就因为卡关而不玩了——我属于不看剧情的流派。Grand Theft Auto Vice City 我从来都没做过主线任务。玩无主之地2的时候也是,我英语也不好;接到什么任务也不会切换,就都给做了;只会往白点跑然后哒哒哒;只记得小手指那么大的剧情。而不看剧情经常就让我不知道该往哪里跑,现在的游戏基本都有任务列表了,我也会读点英文了,把任务拎出来给我看这种设计可谓是我这种大脑退化玩家的福音。

言归正传,不知是不是字库限制,感觉有些名字非常奇怪。而且存档好像不利索,通关了就掉档了。总之那个 ROM 不行。那时候动画也有再看,不过大约看到成都地区就没再看了。虽然严格来说的确是二次元,但毕竟是儿童向的动画,所以跟本文的意趣并不完全相投。这就好比抓住一个日本人问,看海螺小姐和鬼太郎算是宅吗,人家估计也很为难。




好事是我有时及其闲得无聊,会在我的 iPod touch 上记录一下今天看了些什么,有的时候会记录一下看了些什么。那时候我还会记到我的一个步步高学习机上。这个学习机除了日常拿来查词,在物理和化学实验软件里试试各种东西以外,大概就用来看 V 家(包含初音的 Vocaloid 家族的简称)的 MV 和看看小说了。这个学习机上也有那个历史的只鳞片甲了。不过那个学习机尘封已久,也不在我手上,所以是无门了。如果挑我还记得的来说:

  • 保存的 PV 有
    • DECO*27 的 ゆめゆめ —— 我当时觉得这个故事很好很喜欢,以及有可爱的动画。
    • n-buna 的 ウミユリ海底譚 —— 很喜欢旋律,以及有奇妙的插画。
    • 一两首阳炎,但不是很确定,阳炎 Project 之后会讲到。
  • 看过的小说有
    • 《我女友与青梅竹马的惨烈修罗场》(简称俺修罗),这个是我印象里最先看的轻小说。原因是被标题吸引,看了动画第一集之后觉得很有意思,然后不想等一周只有一集的动画。所以应该是 2013 年 1 月。
    • 精灵使的剑舞。
    • 西尾维新的物语系列。
  • 还有一些看番记录,因为没有日语输入,所以尽可能地在用罗马音,有印象的有:
    • 赤眼的夏娜(第三季因为没看懂就没看了)、Fate Stay/Night 、武装神姬、零之使魔、命运石之门、电波女与青春男

我在 U 盘里也保存了从动漫之家(那时候好像还是 178 动漫)下的物语,凉宫春日,和奈亚子的轻小说的 txt ,供上机的时候看。

回到记录上来,iPod touch 的记录倒是有云上贵州给我留着,摘录几个以供观赏:






至少这时候开始学平假名了。虽然说 MO6 是潜在动力,最直接的学日语的原因还是因为想学唱歌吧。最先会唱的是千本樱,那时候是对着罗马音唱。那时候我假名输入用的不利索——这也是我 Miku Flick 不会打的原因之一,另外一个原因就是菜——所以估计是用的罗马音键盘。





“1.23のsinnen->sinnnen 新年”

“1.23 おはよ->お早う”

一些更正。N 到底要不要多写一个我到现在还不是百分之一百肯定。


“FSN 7 14:55 SAO 21 武装神姫 8 Robotics;Notes 7 ハヤテのごとく 3 8”

FSN 指 Fate Stay/Night, 14:55 可能是看到 14:55 的意思。SAO 是刀剑神域的英文首字母。最后一个是指旋风管家的第三季的第八集,这是那一年的冬季番。如果仔细看的话,这里的武装神姬,其实最后一个字是姫。鉴于那时候我不知道这个字念 cheng 上声,这应该也是用日语输入法打的。


”Bakemonogatari 1-11


Happy new year!“

明显我在这一天看了化物语的 1 到 11 集。

之后最早的记录就到 16 年,我上大学之后了。冒头的是这个 copypasta:

2016/11/16 “总有人问我,笑话我,都十八岁的成年人了,大学生或者是高中生了,还玩这些废萌的海王星什么的有意思吗?




除此之外,我也用这个 iPod touch 存了一些轻小说,如上面提及的放在 U 盘里的那些。

我有印象的追番是从 12 年的冬季,《中二病也想谈恋爱!》开始的。前半段是在优酷看的,后半段在 Bilibili ,也就是 B 站上看的。那时候看别人都在结尾撒花,而我没有 B 站号,于是就把完结撒花发到 QQ 空间里去了。如果有小学同学知道我是死宅,那这大概就是原因所在。同时期的武装神姬我也在追。《刀剑神域》虽然也在追,但是也是在后半段(日语和英语会用 cour 来指跨季度的一季动画,和 season 区分开来,我是从第二个 cour)开始追的。

13 年春季追的番也无史可考。B 站只保存了 3 个月的历史记录。上面说的《俺修罗》也是看了小说之后就没看动画了,《魔王勇者》似乎也是这样。唯一有印象的是《我的妹妹是「大阪大妈」》。从那时候我就有了优先原作的倾向:会优先去看原作的轻小说或者漫画,而不是看改编动画。

那段时间我也第一次接触了 R18 的 galgame 。途径大概是那时经常上的毛站( ,现已关闭)上看到的,被司田的作画吸引而下载的《五彩斑斓的世界》(由于其日文名,也被称色鸟鸟)。因为打完《世界》之后开始打《五彩斑斓的光芒》(也称光鸟鸟,不过原名顺序应该是鸟鸟光),而《光芒》我有的最早的存档也是在 13 年,因此推断是在 12 - 13 年通关色鸟鸟的。当时很喜欢黑长直。

同样是 13 年,Vocaloid 我还很经常听。Jin 投稿的《Loss Time Memory》仅用一个月就在 niconico 突破百万播放,而以此为契机,我也接触到了 Jin 的一系列共享世界观的歌曲,这个系列被称为《阳炎 Project》。我依稀记得当时想学唱这首,和 n-buna 的《夜明けと蛍》。

我有印象的此类 vocaloid 歌曲的媒体化中,只有阳炎是走的最远的——书籍化,漫画化,甚至动画化。虽然我不太记得动画的内容了,只记得每集对应一首歌。像平成 Project 停留在歌曲,终焉的书签 Project 也因为 suzumu 中道崩殂而不了了之。2015 年及以后,我就没怎么关心 V 家了,至少贴吧是再也不逛了,所以这类消息就不得而知了。







13年:学生会的一己之见、GJ部(少有的我追完了的动画)、问题儿童来自异世界?、打工吧!魔王大人、我的青春恋爱物语果然有问题、约会大作战、我的妹妹哪有这麼可爱、人鱼又上钩(这个没看多少,另外一个跟人鱼结婚的漫画倒是看完了)、变态王子与不笑猫、要听爸爸的话、只有神知道的世界、High School DxD、侵略!乌贼娘、出包王女(和 Darkness)、机巧少女不会受伤、我的脑内恋碍选项、萌萌侵略者 OUTBREAK COMPANY、Strike The Blood。

14年:伪恋、属性同好会(可能是后来才看的)、漫画家与助手、漆黑的子弹(还在等第八卷)、No Game No Life、剑灵(玩了一会儿就退坑了,网游不适合我)、希德尼娅的骑士、棺姬嘉依卡、星刻的龙骑士、目隐都市的演绎者(也就是之前说的阳炎 Project 动画)、斩·赤红之瞳!、月刊少女野崎君、日常系的异能战斗、甘城光辉游乐园、记录的地平线。

不过很多我也没有看到完结(比如棺姬只看了前两卷)。再者因为我也不经常去逛 B 站了,而是更多地逛轻小说站,所以看书和漫画的时间也不一定就是紧跟着动画播出。


上了大学之后,整个人似乎放纵了许多,漫画和轻小说又看了起来,但动画是基本不看了,就算是看,也少有能看完一季的。印象里有看完的有 2017 年的兽娘动物园,2018 年的 Pop Team Epic。没看完的有野良神,紫罗兰永恒花园,等等。

游戏也多打了很多。虽然在 2013 注册的 Steam 账号,但买第一个游戏还是直到上大学,有了银联卡才有的事,那是 2016 年。顺便一提,我买的第一个 Steam 游戏,If My Heart Had Wings,只打了一个开头,到现在都没打完。



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